Teach the Boundless Edge Curriculum at your Rink!
August 24th, 2012 by Beth Woronoff

Are you an ice Skating Teacher or Skating School Director?

Would you like to increase your student numbers?

Do you enjoy watching contemporary dance?

Are you a creative person?

Are you looking for new ways to interest your students in skating?

Take a look at our approach, we would love to show you how to teach this program.  Call or email Beth at 845.626.4596, .

About The Boundless Edge Teaching Program…
Boundless Edge is an exciting new performing arts program for ice skaters.  This program offers skaters the opportunity to use the magical flow, glide and speed of ice skating while skating together with their friends in an ensemble.  Ensemble skating, developed over the last 40 years, is an alternative to competitions and traditional show skating.  Interesting and original choreography is created by each schools director, teachers or local dancers and choreographers.  In order to gain the foundation of body control, strength and musicality, students take off-ice classes given by dancers and movement professionals.  On the ice, skaters learn all of the traditional figure skating spins, jumps, turns and edges.  In addition, to this they learn how to skate as a group unit, moving in sync with one another to music.  As students progress they learn movement sequences that are then integrated into a complete dance.  The highest level skaters perform in an Ensemble alongside their teachers and other professional


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